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Reconfigure Grid Infrastructure on Standalone Environment (

De-configure has: [root@DG2 ~]# /u01/app/ /u01/app/ -deconfig -force Using configuration parameter file: /u01/app/ CRS-4639: Could not contact Oracle High Availability Services CRS-4000: Command Stop failed, or completed with errors. CRS-4639: Could not contact Oracle High Availability Services CRS-4000: Command Delete failed, or completed with errors. CLSU-00100: Operating System function: opendirRead More

Oracle database upgradation using dbua with silent method( to

[oracle@OEL6:/home/oracle]: dbua -silent -sid OELTEST -sysDBAUserName sys -sysDBAPassword xxxxx Log files for the upgrade operation are located at: /u01/app/oracle/cfgtoollogs/dbua/OELTEST/upgrade2 Performing Pre Upgrade 1% complete 7% complete Upgrading Oracle Server 7% complete 8% complete 9% complete 10% complete 10% complete 11% complete 12% complete 12% complete 13% complete 14% complete 15%Read More

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud control 12c Relase 5 ( Installation on Linux Environment

OS Prerequisites: First we need to check OS level pre-requisites on OMS host. Following packages are necessary for the cloud control installation: # OL5 and OL6 yum install make -y yum install binutils -y yum install gcc -y yum install libaio -y yum install glibc-common -y yum install libstdc++ -yRead More

Oracle10g client Installation on Linux/AIX environment using silent Method

Below are the default templates (response files) available for client installation: clientadmin.rsp    clientcustom.rsp   clientruntime.rsp  instantClient.rsp For admin Installation, we need to use clientadmin.rsp file and update the below entries in response file: UNIX_GROUP_NAME ORACLE_HOME ORACLE_HOME_NAME (if already HOME exist) $ ./runInstaller -silent -responsefile /apps/oracle10g_client/dvd2/client/response/clientadmin.rsp Starting Oracle Universal Installer… No pre-requisiteRead More