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Configure 3 member replica set with RBAC

To Configure 3 member replica set, I have configured 3 virtual box for demonstration purpose. These are below steps to configure it. Step 1. Make directories for data, log, config file, keyfile  in each members of replica set. Data directory will store the actual data files, log directory will store theRead More

Different ways to start and stop DB Services

There are many ways to start and stop DB services in SQL Server. Here I am writing down most frequently used in real time by DBA.       Using SQL Server Configuration Manager                                  Read More

Different states/Modes of database in SQL Server

In this article, I want to explain about different states or sometimes we call modes of database in SQL Server. We have different modes of database in SQL Server. These are mentioned below. I will go through each mode one by one. Online Mode Offline Mode Restoring Mode Recovery Mode RecoveryRead More

Recovering database from suspect mode

Recently I got an issues in one of the database in production environment where I found a database is in suspect mode. It happens some time because of services re-start activity which happened in my case. In such scenarios, we need to repair the database to make it online. TheseRead More

Installation of SQL Server 2012 on Windows

Installation of SQL server 2012 Enterprise Edition on Windows To install SQL Server 2012, we need to follow below mentioned steps: step 1: Go to the location where setup file of SQL Server is kept. Right click on the setup file and run this as an administrator. Step 2: InstallationRead More