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Upgrade Config Server to Replica Set

Upgrade Config Servers to Replica Set Only upgrade Mirrored config servers (SCCC) to CSRS if all members of the mongod config instance are at least v3.2.4. The existing config server must be in sync. To check config server is in sync or not- We shouldn’t get mongod config logs like- ERROR: configRead More

Configure 3 member replica set with RBAC

To Configure 3 member replica set, I have configured 3 virtual box for demonstration purpose. These are below steps to configure it. Step 1. Make directories for data, log, config file, keyfile  in each members of replica set. Data directory will store the actual data files, log directory will store theRead More

Kill Long Running Queries

To Kill Long Running Queries:- Many people asked me how can we kill long running queries in one shot, as they have to find the long running queries one by one and then they kill, which is time taking. I’ve written this Java Script, it actually find the slow queriesRead More

Backup a Sharded Cluster

This article will help you to take sharded cluster backup. To take backup of sharded cluster, we will use mongodump from mongod running server, we can also use File System-Snapshot to capture the data. Procedure To take backup To create backups of a sharded cluster, we need to stop theRead More

Upgrade mongoDB 3.0 Shard Servers to 3.2

Fellas, This article is for those, who wants to upgrade their mongoDB servers 3.0 to 3.2. Note:- Before upgrading make sure you have taken backup of your database as well as config db. First test in Dev server then move to QA and Production. You can follow the below steps-Read More

Deploy a Sharded Cluster in MongoDB 3.0

Hello Guys, Welcome back again.. I am writing this article to deploy a shard in MongoDB 3.0, I’m assuming you have basic knowledge of mongodb stand alone & replica set server. Install mongoDB 3.0 in your Linux machine. ( I’m skipping the Installation process, you can also visit mongodb websiteRead More

Copy an Existing Collection to a New Collection

Hello Fellas, After a long time, I am writing an article again, this time I will let you know how to copy an existing collection data to a new collection, you can do this in two way. 1. Copy a collection to new collection in mongo shell First login toRead More

Limitation of MongoDB in 32 bit OS

Fellas, There are many limitations of 32 bit OS, if you want to install MongoDB on that machine. This situation has been faced by many people and later on they realise they need to upgrade their system or use MongoDB in Development/Test Environment only for that machine. Limitation of 32Read More

CRUD Operations in MongoDB

Hello All, After a long time writing this article, many people asked about CRUD operations of MongoDB. CRUD Operations- CRUD Operations stands for Creation, Reading, Update and Deletion of Database. I am giving information regarding how can we create Database, Collection (aka table in RDBMS World), insert data in collection,Read More

Profiling in MongoDB

In this tutorial, I will let you know profiling in MongoDB, why is it so important, and when should we enable profiling. Profiling in MongoDB Profiling in MongoDB plays a big role in query optimization, find the queries which is not using indexing, it help us to identify the slowRead More

How To change data type in MongoDB

In this article, I will let you know how to change data type from String to Integer and vice versa. String to Integer data type conversion 1. First check is there any data in string for which you want to convert the data to Integer 64, It’s NumberLong() data typeRead More

To Install Specific Version of MongoDB in Ubuntu

To Install specific version of MongoDB, We have to pin particular version of MongoDB. In the section we will update you how to install MongoDB v2.6. 1. Import the public key used by package management system. sudo apt-key adv –keyserver hkp:// –recv 7F0CEB10 2. Create a list file for forRead More

What is MongoDB

MongoDB is an open-source document database, and leading NoSQL database. MongoDB is written in c++ This tutorial will give you great understanding on MongoDB concepts needed to create and deploy a highly scalable and performance oriented database. Audience This tutorial is designed for Software Professionals who are willing to learnRead More